TR Fastenings to manufacture Phillips drive systems

As part of an ongoing programme to increase the number of services and products available to its customers, TR Fastenings has come to an agreement with Phillips Screw Company whereby it will manufacture, under licence, Phillips' complete range of industrial drive systems.

TR Fastenings already owns the Pozidriv trademark for the UK, Pozi in the EU, and also both the MAThread and Torx licences. Geoff Budd, Managing Director at TR Fastenings, comments: "Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities have made us an industry leader, so it is a natural progression to manufacture the famous "˜Phillips Drive Systems'."

For 80 years, the Phillips Screw Company ( has designed fasteners that serve as a quality benchmark for the world's fasteners. From the original cross recess to today's enhanced drives, Phillips has been a consistent leader in innovation. Today, the company continues to improve and evolve high-performance drive systems for fastener applications in aerospace, automotive and electronics. One of its most recent innovations is the Mortorq Super Spiral Drive Recess, which provides customers with the ability to reduce head height and save weight; timely when the automotive industry is particularly keen to take weight out of vehicles and improve fuel economy.

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