Ultrasonic fork sensor for label detection

FC8 detect objects, “regardless of colour, surface or material”

Norstat is now offering an ultrasonic fork sensor that is said to be highly suitable for the detection of transparent labels or opaque label materials, “making it the ideal solution for packaging or labelling applications where the detection of the label, compared to the carrier material, is crucial,” says the company.

Ultrasonic sensing is regarded as one of the best ways to detect clear objects with high reliability and the FC8 Ultrasonic Sensor can detect objects, regardless of the colour, surface or material, it is stated. “Where other optical technologies may fail, the FC8 ultrasonic sensor is a reliable solution for label detection that can be used in any lighting environment. The FC8 has a robust aluminum housing with a 3mm width slit detection and a 69mm depth slit detection and is available in teach-in versions with dynamic and remote teach.”

The FC8 connects via a M8, 4 pin plug for easy set-up and maintenance. Maximum switching frequency is 1,500 Hz and output can be either PNP digital, NPN digital or LO/DO output selectable with remote teach. Normal sensing distance is 3mm, with a 2mm minimum distance between labels and a maximum flow rate of 180m/min. The FC8 can operate in temperatures ranging from +5° C to +55° C and carries a protection rating of IP65.

The FC8 from Norstat connects via a M8, 4 pin plug for
The FC8 from Norstat connects via a M8, 4 pin plug for "easy set-up and maintenance".

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