Upgrading WiFi antenna boosts operating range
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Posted to News on 19th Jun 2007, 19:05

Upgrading WiFi antenna boosts operating range

CTi is launching a new series of omni-directional WiFi antennae that provide a range of gain levels up to 9dBi, which is claimed to be a significant improvement over most standard antenna fitted to indoor wireless access points, routers and bridges. The new CTI-RA series WiFi antenna enable users to increase the signal strengths of SOHO (small office/home office) wireless equipment significantly; simply by replacing the supplied antenna, they can extend the equipment's operating range appreciably.

Upgrading WiFi antenna boosts operating range

Suitable for use with any 802.11 standard 2.4 GHz wireless systems, CTI-RA antenna are available with a choice of 3dBi, 5dBi, 7dBi or 9dBi gain levels to facilitate optimum application matching, and with three types of connector: SMA Male RS, TNC Male and N Male. All six antennae employ co-linear elements to maximise RF efficiency and minimise length, contained within a robust, semi-flexible rubber housing. The base of each antenna features a swivel joint that enables it to be used for vertically or horizontally polarised signals, and the connector is fitted with high-quality gold-plated pins for signal integrity. CTI-RA antenna have a nominal 50 Ohm output impedance and an output VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) of less than 2:1 across the band.

CTi has also recently introduced a series of 5GHz WiFi antennae, together with a number of new GPS and GSM antennae. In the light of this rapidly expanding product portfolio, the company has launched a new web site - www.cti-int.com - that makes it much easier and quicker for designers, OEMs and system integrators to find an exact match for their antenna requirements. Making extensive use of drop-down menus and scrolling display windows, the new site enables users to navigate their way through CTi's extensive range of products, and to obtain on-line guidance on a variety of technical issues - such as antenna frequency and efficiency. The site currently details nearly 100 different WiFi and Bluetooth antenna - as well as a wide range of models for GPS, GSM, DAB and Tetra applications - together with large number of adaptors and adaptor leads. The adaptor leads can be made up to suit any requirement at the UK-based manufacturing facility.

In addition to providing comprehensive technical information about all of CTI's standard antennae, the new website features on-line enquiry and quotation forms, offers a sneak preview of products in development, and lists full contact information for all of the company's distributors, worldwide.

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