V-106 positioning stages use voice coil drives

Long-travel, high-dynamics V-106 scanning and positioning stages with voice coil drives are being introduced by micro- and nano-positioning specialist Physik Instrumente (PI). They are available through Lambda Photometrics. The single-axis voice coil stages are specially designed for fast scanning and positioning tasks in biotechnology, photonics and metrology. Two versions available with 20mm and 6mm travel ranges, offering scanning frequencies of some tens of hertz.

Unlike leadscrew-driven translation stages, the voice coil linear-motor in the V-106 is frictionless, quiet and not subject to wear. Versions of the V-106 with 20mm travel can attain a maximum velocity of 270mm/s, the 6mm version 240mm/s, and all feature short step-and-settling times. Reliable and precise positioning with a resolution of 0.1microns and repeatability of 0.2microns is supported by non-contact optical linear encoders. Direct position metrology eliminates typical positioning errors such as backlash and play.

About PI

PI, a global market leader in the field of micro- and nano-positioning technology, has been developing and manufacturing standard, custom and OEM products with piezoelectric and motor drives for over 35 years. In addition to its three manufacturing centres in Germany, PI is present worldwide with eight subsidiaries and total staff of more than 400.

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