Wave springs provide adjustability and increased performance

TFC's Triple Interlaced Wave Spring has enabled Baker Oil Tools to improve the performance of its packer setting devices (FBIV-II) deployed in the oil industry.

TFC has provided a Triple Interlaced Wave Spring to its client Baker Oil Tools for use in packer setting devices (FBIV-II) deployed in the oil industry. The spring's functionality is crucial to the successful operation of the device that allows full-bore access to the surface when opened.

The wave spring controls the cycling/return (12 repetitions) of a piston and is deployed only once during the operational lifetime of the component. Such is the importance of the operation of the spring that failure of it - or of associated components - could result in lost production and a costly work-over situation many miles out at sea in hostile terrain.

TFC says its spring is becoming an industry standard for oil companies that rely on its performance. The design of the Triple Interlaced Wave Spring allows for a higher preload and more consistent performance in the restricted cavity of the design. Operating at 8000psi Above (when closed) and 3000psi Below (when closed) and at a maximum working temperature of 300degF, the spring performs safely and consistently in hostile environments.

Derek Lindsay, Senior Engineering Manager at Baker Oil Tools, comments: "One Triple Interlaced Wave Spring has replaced the function that a traditional coil spring used to do. This allows us adjustability during assembly and increased return pressures, which makes the FBIV-II more reliable and less susceptible to overbalance or debris. The reduced footprint of the Triple Interlaced Spring also means that we can design our tools accordingly."

TFC's Smalley Crest to Crest Wave Spring adds flexibility to designs with an increased range of sizes and dimensions, all of which can be supplied at short notice. For further information about TFC's wave springs, retaining rings or any other products in its catalogue, go to the TFC website or contact TFC directly.

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