Zigbee-compatible ZB107 Wireless Switch Interface

Intelligent Distributed Controls (IDC) is launching the Zigbee-compatible ZB107 Wireless Switch Interface. Designed to mount directly onto standard pushbuttons or pull switch enclosures in place of the normal cable gland entry, the unit will accommodate up to 16 inputs. Offering the advantage of extremely low power consumption, the ZB107 requires just two AA internal batteries, which will last for years without replacement in most applications.

The ZB107 is designed to act as a wireless end node in Zigbee wireless networks. These operate at 2.4GHz on a licence-free IEEE 802.15.4 international standard, providing secure and robust wireless coverage over distances of up to 100m, with network extension possible via routers for longer distances.

Typical applications for the ZB107 include pushbutton stations, pull cord operation for Andon call and progress monitoring in manufacturing operations, level monitoring in bunkers and tanks, traffic light control and mobile plant interlocking. The photo shows the ZB107 coupled to a Bernstein Pull Switch.

Zigbee products

The ZB product family includes Ethernet and serial gateways, routers, microcontrollers and handheld Devices. Applications range from simple cable elimination to large-scale, site-wide telemetry systems in a distributed control system (DCS) architecture.

All of the modules offer a unique 64bit MAC identifier, embedded intelligence, battery management and extremely low power consumption. To support the development and integration of the product range, IDC has also developed client-server applications, which include the ZBServer for web services integration, 'over the air' programming, data logging, and OPC connectivity for SCADA integration.

For machine builders and system integrators who wish to offer wireless- based systems, the ZB product family of hardware modules and software applications covers most requirements.

Follow the link for more information about the Zigbee-compatible ZB107 Wireless Switch Interface.

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